Celebrate what’s right with the world

‘Enjoy these moments, they will not come again’ my mother used to tell us. Later on in life, I started following her advice without realizing it. I started focusing on everything that felt right, no matter how small, and enjoying it. It is small things, like flowers, birds, fish, seeds, a smile, a good word, that make up our world, life.

Then, about a year ago, a video appeared in front of me, as if on purpose. It was Dewitt Jones’ TEDx presentation called ‘Celebrate what’s right with the world’. Since then celebration has become part of my enjoyment ritual. I try to celebrate everything that is right with my world. It may sound selfish (“my” world) but it is a good place to start.

Blue house

Once, not so long ago, there was a man who loved the sea and wanted to live the rest of his life on the island. Then came a woman, she met the man and she also moved to the island. They got married in a tiny church in the countryside, bought a small boat and decided they wanted a little house near the port where their boat was moored.

So they built a wooden house, a place to bring together all their friends to eat, drink ouzo and souma (the local drink), talk and have fun. After the man “left” this world, the woman planted a cypress tree and started using the house as a retreat to read, make jewellery, weave her tapestries, be close to nature and walk near the sea. This is the story of the Blue House.

The plot, on which the house is built, is half filled with mastic trees. The place is perfect for independent minds who want to work creatively in a natural environment surrounded by light, have a pleasant place to return to after exploring the island, or spend quiet days near the sea and among mastic trees (the basic elements of Chios).

About mastiha (mastic) and its production see:https://toultouline.com/2017/10/20/the-mastic-gum-of-chios-greece/