The Mastic Museum, Chios island, Greece

Mastic trees
Mastic trees

The time of the year has arrived when the many mastiha (mastic) producers of southern Chios have already collected and washed the resin drops from the mastic trees and are now cleaning them one drop (tear) by one drop (tear) at a time. This will take a few months.

Cleaning mastiha
Cleaning mastiha

When I made the blog post about mastiha and the museum, last October ( the video I just discovered did not exist. It is about the Mastic Museum and it shows the whole setup beautifully. You can see the rows of cultivated mastic trees around the museum.  So here it is:

But not all mastic trees are cultivated. There are still many left in their natural state.

Uncultivated mastic trees
Uncultivated mastic trees




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