Spinning in Arachova, Greece

While we were busy dyeing yarn in Arachova, in 1987 (see previous blog post about natural dyeing), Frosso Haritou’s mother was sitting with us. She needed the company.



Like all women of her generation, she was never idle, her hands were always busy. Most days she was spinning, using her drop spindle, the traditional Greek way. The yarn she made was used by her daughter Frosso for her weaving.


toultouline.comThis older woman had a smiling face that I still remember.




4 thoughts on “Spinning in Arachova, Greece

    1. toultouline

      The photos are from our stay in Arachova in the 1980s. Maybe her daughter is still weaving, she could be one of the grandmothers you have heard about.


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