Spring has come

Chios, Greece. Spring 2019
Chios, Greece. Spring 2019

As I am thinking more and more about spending winters in the big city, Chios is getting more and more beautiful. Spring has come. Wherever I go I see colours, yellows, greens, purples. And every day these colours are changing, soon they will become stronger.

Chios island, Greece. Spring 2019
Chios island, Greece. Spring 2019

The colours in the photos are just a few of what I saw this morning. It is so exciting to be surrounded by all this beauty that making a photo, placing the camera between my eyes and the colours, is sacrilege.

Chios island, Greece, spring 2019
Chios island, Greece. Spring 2019

4 thoughts on “Spring has come

  1. Kathy

    Hi Katerina,

    Yes, Spring has come at last – the Judas trees in Athens are also blossoming and the
    orange trees are full of blossoms. But it’s definitely not like Spring on the island – it
    must be wonderful right now.


    1. toultouline

      Yassou Kathy,
      Yes, it is wonderful now and will be so for a while. You know how our islands are at this time of the year from experience. I saw some judas trees, too, I even have one I planted a few years ago, they are at their best now full of colour, before the leaves come out.


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